Shanti Home Does it Again !

It was a proud moment for Shanti Home when it received the Award for

the “Best Boutique hotel in Delhi”


This award was presented at the World Travel Brands Award Ceremony 2012.

The World Travel Brands Awards are the world’s most authoritative travel awards that offer exceptional recognition through rewards for the best services provider. It identifies the movers and shakers – Brands that contribute immensely in transforming the face of the global travel industry

The gala event was hosted at the Radisson, and saw the participation of the best people from all areas of the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industries. The awards were presented by Brand Guru Prahlad Kakkar.

Awards were based on comprehensive profiling of the brands, quality of their services and the consumer perception, amongst other criteria. The evaluation of the brands included online and physical opinion surveys by End Consumers, Peers in the Industry, Industry Experts, Online Travel Communities, Travel Forums, Bloggers, & Hospitality Media/Journalists

We Thank you All – our Guests, Friends and Connoisseurs, who appreciate our effort to serve you well

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2 thoughts on “Shanti Home Does it Again !

  1. The Best Boutique Hotel in the heart Of The New Delhi surrounded by the beautiful area and speciality.

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